Saturday, October 19, 2013

Black Church News: Pastor Marvin Winans Refused to Bless Unmarried Woman's Baby Before Congregation?

Who would have thought someone from the "famous family of imperfection" would judge someone else?  Pastor Marvin Winans allegedly refused to dedicated an unwed mother's son, because she is unmarried.  First of all, we cannot understand someone from the Winans clan saying such a thing since their gospel music hasn't been so holy among other previous family problems will not discuss here.  However, one question comes to mind, is Perfecting church for perfect people?    

Let us share this with you, Sanctified Church Revolution is outraged and cannot understand why Pastor Marvin Winans and his church has allegedly treated this woman like as an outcast.  Just because his parents were married for many years, does not mean the Winans are a perfect family.  His mother allegedly admitted on a televised interview that there were problems in her marriage with the late 'Pop' Winans.  Also, if you have a church in the midst of a black dominated city like Detroit, how can you deny black mothers who have had black father turn their backs on their children?  Is Pastor Marvin Winans blind to this ancient problem within the black community that has hurt many single black mothers across America? Does he think-the Winans family is so perfect they cannot show love to single mothers who have never got a blessing of a wedding proposal from sorry Dads who impregnate women and don't care to marry them?  How dare Pastor Marvin Winans? Even Jesus Christ himself went so far to love prostitutes and women who had several men at one time.  Jesus Christ loved all type of people and never threw stones at anyone.   We bet he's like a lot of pastors in the church who embrace black men who are drug dealers, beat their women around the clock and leave them for other women, but look down on single black women, lesbians, prostitutes and other woman who have made mistakes.  Shame on him and shame on Perfecting Church that's not perfect!  We bet if we could go into any his church member's closets, including the Winans family there would be skeletons of all sorts of sins like homosexuality, adultery, envy, strife, lust and all type of mess. 

According to, when Charity Grace heard that a special dedication service for children 2-years-old and younger is scheduled to take place at the church this Sunday, she rang up the church office on Tuesday to make sure her son wouldn't miss out on the blessing.  According to, Grace says she spoke with a woman who told her Pastor Winans' policy is that he is not to bless children of unwed mothers in front of his congregation. Pastor Marvin Winans declined to comment.
In the meantime, we will keep Charity Grace in our prayers and pray she finds another church that is more accepting to single mothers and their children.  May God bless her and her son, Joshua, what a beautiful little boy.

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Fox 2 News Headlines

Is Famed Pastor Marvin Winans Wrong for Refusing to Bless Unmarried Woman's Baby Before Congregation?

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

Famed pastor and gospel singer Marvin Winans has come under fire from a local woman who says he has refused to bless her 2-year-old son before the congregation of his church in Detroit, Mich., and a heated debate on the wisdom of his decision is now raging online.

The woman, Charity Grace, 39, who recently began attending Winans' Perfecting Church on East Nevada Street in Detroit, says she wants to raise her son in the church to...Read full article, here.

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