Friday, October 11, 2013

Celebrity News: Deion Sanders: Accused. Fired. Rehired again

It's very surprising to learn that Prime Prep Academy is not listed as Deion Sanders' school.  We discovered this, after finding out he has been rehired by school officials, after being accused of allegedly choking one of the employees.  Possibly, Deion Sanders will become a changed person, after being given another chance at Prime Prep Academy. 

According to, the firing was supported in a statement issued Friday morning by the Prime Prep Chairman of the Board of Trustees, T. Christopher Lewis, and in another statement attributed to Superintendent Rachel M. King-Sanders.    

In the meantime, we'll keep Deion Sanders in our prayers.

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Deion Sanders: Accused. Fired. Rehired. What's next? 


A source close to Deion Sanders reports the Hall of Famer will be rehired at Prime Prep Academy hours after the chairman of the board announced that the charter school had severed ties with...Read full article, here.

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