Thursday, October 10, 2013

Celebrity News: Deion Sanders allegedly investigated for choking teacher at Prime Prep Academy

Deion Sanders is accused of choking one of his staff members, but of course, he denies it.  Now, Deion Sanders, along with Tracy Edmonds has been allegedly respected by Bishop T. D. Jakes, even after his ugly custody battle, but this shows he may not be the born again Christian he's claims to be.   It doesn't look like Deion Sanders is going to be so fortunate, after not allegedly revealing himself in an upright fashion with his previous marital issues. 

According to, Cops in Dallas are investigating violent allegations made by Kevin Jefferson, the CFO of Prime Prep Academy ... a charter school Deion co-founded last year. If this is true, this doesn't look good for Sanders, since he denied he abused his ex-wife Pilar.

It's very important that we pray for more fully sanctified athletes, so they can reveal the light of Jesus Christ and win lost souls for him. In the meantime, we will keep Deion Sanders in our prayers.

Police investigating scuffle at Prime Prep Academy after employee said he was assaulted by Deion Sanders

By Christina Rosales

Staff Writer Tanya Eiserer reports:
Update, 1:25 p.m.: D.L. Wallace, executive director and co-founder of Prime Prep, said he was unable to comment about the situation, since it’s a personnel matter. He also declined to say whether Sanders was on administrative leave while the allegations are being investigated.

Sanders is one of the school’s football coaches and athletic director. Jefferson is...Read full article, here.




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