Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tulsa Church Forgives Burglar Who Stole $1,000 of Food, Electronics


This church left a message for a burglar who stole from their church, "DEAR BURGLAR NEXT TIME PLEASE STAY FOR WORSHIP."  Hopefully, the burglar sees the sign and will surrender his or her life to Jesus Christ.  However, we hope the church has tight security, so no other burglars will break in. 

According to, Church staff arrived on Sunday, Sept. 22 to find computer equipment missing and the church's pantry and kitchen raided. Some equipment and food were found in trash cans. 

God bless whoever this burglar is, we pray he or she repents before it's everlasting too late.

Church Forgives Burglar Who Stole $1,000 of Food, Electronics

By Morgan Lee , CP Contributor

An Oklahoma church which was burglarized last month has responded to the incident with humor and forgiveness.

Despite the fact that the thief or thieves left with close to $1,000 worth of equipment and electronics, the church...Read full article, here.

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