Sunday, October 27, 2013

Did you know Bishop Eric McDaniel Could sing good gospel songs?

After listening to Co-pastor Subrenia preach a sermon that blessed us, we wanted to see what was her husband up to lately.  If you recall the McDaniel's previously took over Bishop Joby and Dr. Sheryl Brady's church in Durham, North Carolina until there was an alleged accusation against the man of God, Bishop Eric McDaniel.  After that situation, the McDaniel's never stopped preaching God's Word and continued on with their own church.

We just happened to find this video on You Tube of Bishop Eric McDaniel singing like they used to, in the black church.   You cannot even find black preachers singing the way he is singing on this following video, because they have been so focused on fame and fortune, they are no longer blessed to sing with with the anointing.  Furthermore, most black preachers have gotten so sophisticated they would be ashamed to allow God to use them, the way we see Bishop Eric McDaniel singing with the anointing.  Also, we just remembered, Bishop Eric McDaniel is a gospel artist, but he's not like the average one.

Watch Video

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