Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ex-CBN Host, Ben Kinchlow Says African American Democrats Are Slaves to Their Political Party

Allegedly, the former host of CBN says African Americans are slaves to their political party.  However, we suppose many Democrats could say the same of black Republicans.  You see, it doesn't matter which political party, you support, the main thing is that one fully pleases Jesus Christ.  There are many Republicans who are not doing the will of the Lord and are just as sinful as many Democrats, some of them want gay rights just like Democrats.   Therefore, it doesn't matter which political party you choose to support, you best to make sure, you are not giving into sinful behaviors that are against God's Word.

Secondly, Ben Kinchlow should have said some African Americans, instead of just making a statement that would make us feel like he's allegedly speaking of the entire race of people. 

Thirdly, it doesn't matter what color a person maybe, anyone can have a slave mentality and there are many people of various races whom have chosen to please politicians instead of pleasing and serving God.   Therefore, Ben Kinchlow could have a spirit of racism against his own kind.  He keeps saying 'they' instead of saying 'some of them,' on this following video, which is very offensive.  Many African Americans could very well say, Ben Kinchlow is being a slave, the way he's referring to the race.  Since, we didn't hear him say 'some', he must be also speaking about himself.

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WATCH: Christian Author and Republican Ben Kinchlow Says African American Democrats Are Slaves to Their Political Party

Yellow-Dog Democrats. That's what African Americans are according to Christian author and Republican Ben Kinchlow. "A Yellow-Dog Democrat means that you vote for a democrat regardless of the candidate...Read full article, here.

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