Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Man falsely accused of Disrupting Church Services at First Baptist Church in Alabama and gets arrested

Now, we are not quite sure of all the details of this young man who was arrested in a church parking lot in Alabama.  However, police allegedly accused this young men of disrupting church services, but First Baptist Church allegedly released a statement saying they never asked the young men to leave. Is there anyway to fight racial profiling or police brutality in the 21st century? 

According to al.com, Joshua Chukwuedozie Ude, 23, was arrested in the parking lot of the church, located at 600 Governors Drive, after Huntsville police said he was questioned about disruptive behavior during a service inside. Police said he became uncooperative and refused to leave.  
In our introduction, we asked you brothers and sisters is there anyway to fight racism or police brutality in the 21st century?  Our answer is very simple, this is an ancient demon that cannot be fought like back in the days of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Why?  First and foremost, we are in a spiritual battle and this ancient demon of racism has been stubborn for too long.   God is calling on the black race, including the black church to fully submit and surrender to him.  It is going to take revivals to run across the country and preachers are to stress the importance of salvation and complete holiness.  That's the only way we are going to handle any problems in this country.  

In the meantime we will keep this young man Joshua Chukwuedozie Ude and his brother (as it says on the following video) in our prayers.

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