Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Jersey Church Rebuilds 100 Homes for Hurricane Sandy Victims

We do not hear of churches being able to rebuild after a hurricane often, but this church in New Jersey is doing it.  After Hurricane Sandy destroyed many homes, Gateway Church is building 100 homes for the victims.  We pray God blesses more churches to reach out to other victims across the country the same way.  In God's Kingdom, we should have more than enough to help.

According to Sanctified Church Revolution, Gateway Church's Lead Evangelist, Carl Williamson, said that his and his wife Alicia's first response after the storm hit was to consult God about how to assist victims.

God is certainly going to bless this church for being a blessing to these victims.  This is how God wants it, we should have to depend on the government for assistance, we should be the government will billions of dollars to assist people in need.

Only 1 Year Old When Sandy Hit, New Jersey Church Rebuilds 100 Homes, Distributes $3 Million of Supplies

In September 2012, Gateway Church of Christ had just celebrated its first birthday. Originally five families, the now 50 person church was eager to continue fulfilling its mission by establishing a stronger presence in their Morganville, New Jersey community.

Their opportunity came a little more than a month later when Superstorm Sandy battered the New Jersey and New York coastlines, downing power lines...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: Sanctified Church Revolution

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