Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pastor Deitrick Haddon says there's nothing wrong with Shacking on 'Preachers in LA'

On 'Preachers in LA', Pastor Deitrick Haddon debates with Bishop Ron Gibson about shacking and says it's no where in the Bible.   If you haven't watched the video, it's beneath our post and you will hear Pastor Haddon allegedly say he has been to Bible college.   Doesn't he know shacking is committing fornication?  It's a dangerous thing to be a pastor and not know the truth.

In our opinion, Pastor Haddon seems a little twisted, because on the previous episode, 'Comeback', he argued with Bishop McClendon saying that he and other preachers should not have an entourage.  However, he does not know that shacking with someone is a sin.   This guy needs spiritual counseling before he pastors anyone, simply because pastors are over lost souls and if he leads people into believing that lie, then he will be held accountable in judgement.  It was very scary to hear him say there's nothing wrong with shacking and it's no where in the Bible.   How can he preachers to sinners about salvation, if he doesn't know the truth and has been allegedly committing fornication?

Watch 'Preachers in LA'

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