Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pastor Hosts Bible Study Group Over Beer In a Bar: Is God Pleased?

Rev. John Donnelly, a pastor in Connecticut had bible study in a bar while drinking beer, allegedly.  The pastor decided that people would choose to meet in a bar, rather than church.  In our opinion, if they are hungry for God's Word, they would not mind stepping in a church.  You don't have to trick people into hearing God's Word and there is no excuse to sip beer.  We wonder if this pastor pray before making this unwise decision.

According to, Rev. John Donnelly conducted a men's Bible study similar to this when he was co-rector with his wife, the Rev. Ellen Donnelly, at a church in New Jersey. There, Donnelly had it in the living room of his home, which was next door to the church. He couldn't host it at his home this time because he lives in Southbury, and he wanted it in the center of Oxford and not in church.   

We deeply feel God is not pleased with anyone drinking alcohol beverages while drinking beer, especially those whom preach the gospel of Jesus Christ or just proclaim salvation.   We pray for Pastor Donnelly, but we feel he's in error.

Connecticut Pastor Hosts Bible Study Group Over Beer In a Bar

In between a sip or two of beer, a group of men delved deeper into the Bible at a bar off Route 67 last week.

Some also dug deeper for a better understanding of themselves and a better relationship with God.

Rather than hosting a men's community Bible study inside a...Read full article, here.

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