Monday, October 7, 2013

Pastor Jay Haizlip Talks God's Deliverance From Drugs; Defends 'Preachers of LA'

Thank God one of the co-stars of 'Preachers of LA' is revealing he's not on the show for fame and fortune, but he's shared his testimony of how God delivered him from drugs.   We suppose the show is not a bad representation of God's Kingdom, after-all.   God wants testimonies of how He set preachers free from demonic forces, not showing off what they possess from tithes and offerings.

According to, Haizlip, 50 and married with three children, rose to fame when he became a sponsored skateboarding pro in his early teens and remains a notable pioneer in the sport. But his fame and victories on the halfpipe were soon overshadowed by a cocaine addiction after his first encounter with the drug at 15. For the next several years, while married and responsible for a newborn, he was in and out of rehab, desperate to kick the habit he knew was ruining his life and relationship with his family.

May God bless Pastor Haizlip for his sincerity and we hope the other pastors are also sharing their testimonies of deliverance on the show, 'Preachers of LA'.

'Preachers of LA' Exclusive: Jay Haizlip Talks God's Deliverance From Drugs; Defends Controversial Series

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

Pastor Jay Haizlip of The Sanctuary, a nondenominational church in Huntington Beach, Calif., recently spoke with The Christian Post about his ministry, how he first learned about Jesus Christ while on his way to buy drugs, and why he believes God wants to use "Preachers of L.A" to reach those who might otherwise never step foot into a church or tune into Christian TV.

Haizlip stars alongside five other Southern California Christian ministers in...Read full article, here.
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