Sunday, October 27, 2013

SCR Take on 'Preachers of LA: Tea and Sympathy'

First and foremost, we want to express how displeased we are of Bishop Noel Jones relationship with his lady friend, Loretta.  How can you be a man of God, preaching His Word to lost souls and your lost yourself?  Now, we have heard hearsay of Bishop Noel Jones alleged affairs with different women, but we never thought we would actually see it on this show, 'Preachers of LA.'

Bishop Noel Jones nonchalance about Loretta showing up at the tea party as his lady friend is a clear sign God's church needs to return to complete holiness.  Again, as we always say, it is not tradition to be holy, it is God's way.   God is sick and tired of men and women preaching his word with all the filth and carnality in their own lives.  Just what do you have to say to a sinner, if you are allegedly sinning yourself.   If you are fornicating, how can you preach to the fornicator?  If you are fornicating, how can you preach to the murderer?   Sin is sin and any preacher who has a girlfriend or boyfriend on the side has no business in the pulpit.

As for Deitrick Haddon's fiance who is now his wife, Dominique should have never been invited, because she is with a man who is allegedly too carnal and the both of them know nothing about being holy.   This tea party should have been strictly for holy women, married to holy men.  There is a woman who was the first wife to Pastor Haddon and she, Damita who should not be ever forgotten about.  She was the woman who stood by him to fight same sex marriage, let's not forget.  So, if they fought something so unethical together, there's no reason why they should not have remained together.  First ladies of the church should not carry on as though the first wife does not exist.  There should be prayer for reconciliation, but if not, the new woman should never be invited any tea party for first ladies if she did not meet her man in the guidelines, strictly according to God's Word. Furthermore, there were alleged nude photos of Deitrick Haddon surfacing the internet, so this is an unholy couple and not an example of how a pastor and first lady should be for today's church.  Therefore, Dominique should never be accepted in the circle of first ladies, especially if they are living strictly according to God's Word as holy women.

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