Sunday, November 3, 2013

1 killed, several injured in Indiana church van crash

Every time we hear of a fatal vehicle accident that involves those within the body of Christ, we feel very sad.  In Indiana, this crash was so bad, it injured several passengers and killed one.   If you recall, just a couple of weeks ago, we reported of another fatal car crash that took several lives in Tennessee.   Of course, we are not aware if there was prayer on either trip, but we encourage the rest of you to always pray before you take a road trip. 

According to, Bailey says 11 passengers sustained minor injuries requiring hospital treatment. He says a 7-year-old girl was transported in serious condition, but her injuries do not appear life-threatening. 

In the meantime, we pray for the family of the decease individual and for all injured passengers.   May the deceased person rest in peace.

1 killed, several injured in Ind. church van crash

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Police and fire officials say one person has been killed and several others injured after a crash involving a church van filled with passengers.

Police Lt. Christopher Bailey says the driver of the van was pronounced dead at the...Read full article, here.

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