Monday, November 4, 2013

Bishop Clarence McClendon Talks about family being stalked on 'Preachers of LA'

On 'Preachers of LA' reality show, Bishop Clarence McClendon talks about being stalked at his church, allegedly.  It's very interesting, because he goes so far to have a meeting with his security team.   Possibly, when you are a pastor of a great mega ministry, you do need an entourage, something Deitrick Haddon cannot comprehend for some reason.  At first we thought Haddon was talking some sense, but when we see what serious Bishop McClendon's family has had to deal with, we can certainly understand.

On the following video, you will actually see a man standing up, touching Bishop Clarence McClendon while he was preaching the Word of God.   This is scary, besides all threatening phone calls he allegedly says he receives on a daily basis.

Saints of God, let's hold Bishop Clarence McClendon and his family up in prayer. 

Watch Video

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