Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bishop Harry Jackson Says NAACP Lost Its Christian Roots

Bishop Harry Jackson allegedly says the NAACP lost its Christian roots, but we never thought the organization had any.  Of course, we acknowledge the history of the NAACP fighting for equality, but never based on Christianity.  If so, the NAACP has not only lost its Christian roots, but also, caring for the rights of African Americans, allegedly. 

Really, we do not comprehend Bishop Jackson seeing the NAACP holding onto black roots in this era, because the organization seems not to consider most problems African Americans face today, in our opinion.  So, if they cannot be honest about the problems with racial discrimination in many situations, then how can they profess Christianity? 

According to, citing Job 14:7-9, Jackson declared that "there is hope for a tree if it be cut down that it will sprout again." Hearkening back to the early days of the NAACP, he mentioned that the group was founded with a majority of white and Jewish people and only a handful of blacks. Nevertheless, the group was "birthed out of the heart of racial reconciliation," with a "spirit of Elijah."  

After all these years, we don't think the NAACP will be the same, ever.

NAACP Lost Its Christian Roots, Bishop Harry Jackson Says

By Tyler O'Neil , CP Reporter
WASHINGTON -The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) long ago lost its grounding in the Christian faith, Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. complained Monday at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) "Justice Summit." He recently registered with the organization, he announced, and hopes it will return to its foundational faith.

"The Civil Rights Movement was never intended to be a black movement, it was burned from God's heart to be a revival of Christianity," Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr., senior pastor of Hope Christian Church and...Read full article, here.

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