Friday, November 8, 2013

Bishop Noel Jones sort of Blames Reality Show "Preachers of LA" for his sickness


What we don't understand is this, why would Bishop Noel Jones even think about "Preachers of LA" being the cause of his sickness when he made a decision to go on there?  It just does not make sense to blame the reality show that has pulled his personal skeletons out of the closet of not being married to Loretta for 16 years.  

The reality show is not the blame, it just time Bishop Jones, along with other preachers whom allegedly live double lives to get it right and stop playing with God. 

According to, Jones, 63, is not about to follow his doctor's orders, for whatever reason. "They want me to be in the bed," he revealed. 

In the meantime we will keep Bishop Noel Jones in our prayers, but it's very wrong for him to even think about blaming anything or anyone else for his sickness.

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Noel Jones Admits he's Sick and says "Preachers of LA" Reality Show May Have Something to Do With It

"I'm not feeling good. "I had an ablation because of an atrial flutter. My heart wants to add beats."

But Jones, 63, is not about to follow his doctor's orders...Read full article, here.

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