Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bishop Noel Jones Suggesting Sister Grace Jones Collaborate with Lady Gaga Proves He's a False Prophet

Now, many of you already learned from our previous article that Bishop Noel Jones is allegedly sort of blaming the reality show, "Preachers of LA" for his sickness.  As you know we beg to differ with him and sincerely feel he's only saying that because his personal skeletons of alleged sin is coming out.  The other thing that shocked us on this following video is him admitting he begged his sister Grace Jones to collaborate with Lady Gaga.  Tell us, what brother in his right mind, especially being a minister of God's Word would tell his sister to collaborate with a music celebrity out in the world like Lady Gaga?

The fact that Bishop Noel Jones allegedly admitted he pleaded with Grace to work with Gaga proves he is not a true man of God's Word, but an alleged worker for Satan who has disguised himself in the pulpit.  Lady Gaga is an alleged demonic servant of Satan and is definitely not a servant of God.   If he truly loved his sister, he would want to see her on working with someone in a good light, not a celebrity icon of darkness.  He has the audacity to allegedly claim Grace is stubborn for not listening to his wicked advice, but really Grace must be listening to God and knows that's not sound wisdom to work with Lady Gaga.  If anything, he should want his sister to finally come back and perform for God and just leave the secular music business alone all together and this is why we say Bishop Noel Jones is indeed a false prophet, in our opinion. Another thing, this also proves he needs to get his heart right and his sickness is definitely not the reality show's fault.

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Please excuse the guy in this video calling Lady Gaga a whore, but he's telling the truth, she's allegedly admitted she worships the Devil.  There are more videos about Gaga, just put in her name plus satanist and you will see more coverage about her as an alleged Satan worshiper.

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