Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. Challenges Unmarried People to Stop Shacking

It's such a wonderful thing to hear a man of God finally touch on the issue of couples shacking up.  We thank Tyler Perry, because for the longest, we would hear the character Mr. Brown touch on it, more than the (black) church.  Now, Bishop McKissick has brought up the subject for unmarried people to stop shacking and marry, according to God's Word. 

For many years, we mainly have heard opposition against homosexuality while shacking was accepted as though it was no sin.  We even allegedly heard Deitrick Haddon argue with Bishop Ron Gibson on 'Preachers in LA' that shacking being a sin was no where in the Bible.  We come to remind you, shacking is fornication and it is a sin.  When many preachers preach against one sin and condone another, it reveals we are living in a very dangerous age and God's wrath could come against any preacher who refuses to preach against all sin. 

According to, Gwannetia Hall and Christopher Johnson have been living together for five years. They were sitting in the pew that morning when McKissick asked couples to come forward to make a commitment. 

Thank God Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. is making a stand for complete righteousness in the 21st century and we encourage you other preachers to do the same.  Dear pastors, this is for you, 'do not be afraid to lose members, just please God and make Him happy.'  Those who want to really live for God will remain in your church, regardless of you making a commitment to preach complete righteousness.

Couples Say 'I Do' After Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. Challenges Unmarried People to Stop Shacking Up and Get Married

If you've ever heard Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. preach, he doesn't hold any punches.

"I don't care what none of these folks think because they shacked up before," he said.

When the Lord speaks, he listens. Last month, he was led to preach about "righteously redefining relationships." He was talking specifically to...Read full article, here.
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