Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Black Church News: Fred Luter Presents Fall Revival at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church

Like we've been informing you for the longest, it's time to start having revivals in the church like we used to, instead of sophisticated conferences.   Pastor Fred Luter presents a revival at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church.

According to BlackChristianNews.com, in his message titled "I'm the One", Claude Alexander urges Christians to be honest about their sinful past. "Maybe the reason we're having such a hard time with the world is because so few of us (Christians) are willing to be honest...The world needs us to be honest."

Many of you pastors who've been giving these sophisticated conferences so you can be like the big leagues need to start running revivals. God wants serious repentance among the body of Christ, no more events just to earn money to build your mega ministries.

SBC President, Fred Luter, Hosts Claude Alexander, Delbert Mack, and Keith Reed for Franklin Avenue Baptist Church's Fall Revival

Due to the Prayers of Pastor Fred Luter and the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church Family, God Moves, Using Pastor Claude Alexander to Deliver a Message that People Need to Hear Across America, Titled "I'm the One", and a Good Number of...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:BlackChristianNews.com


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