Saturday, November 16, 2013

Black Church News: What was Pastor Teddy Parker Jr. Doing with a Gun?

Now, although we don't judge where Pastor Teddy Parker's soul is, right at this moment, we wonder what was he doing with a gun?  These days it seems like pastors are not just dying by someone else taking their lives, like in the case of the late Pastor Ronald Harris, but some are carrying them, themselves.  Let us tell you, Pastor Teddy Parker may have had an alleged mental illness but he had no business with a gun. So we ask you, could Pastor Teddy Parker been planning his own suicide, a head of time?   

Preachers of the gospel, let us SCR forewarn you, as a man or woman of God, you are suppose to put your cares in God's hands.  You are not suppose to solve issues by taking your own life or someone else.  There is something about Pastor Parker's self inflicted gunshot wound that bothers us, on a Sunday morning when he should have arrived to preach another sermon, he walked out of his suburban home with a gun.  Where was his Bible?  Was he carrying it in one hand and the gun in the other or-was it just the gun?  You see, the Word of God is the only weapon we should be carrying to and from our homes, no matter what state of mind we're in.

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