Monday, November 4, 2013

Celebrity News: Steve Harvey Teams With Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks to Help Young Black Men

It's absolutely wonderful that Steve Harvey is helping Pastor Corey Brooks help young black men find mentors in Chicago.  However, the sad part is, this is still an issue in the 21st century.   Just look at our world today, we have a black president and many black men and black women aren't being the responsible parents they should be.   As the Word of God tells us in Romans 1:20, 'we are without excuse'.   Therefore, we ask you this question, why is it this ancient issue that lingers on like racism?

According to, with the help of Brooks and his church, Harvey hopes to recruit mentors to help young Chicago men in need who do not have fathers in their homes, according to a release from The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. The event will feature a discussion about the issues faced in the community where the entertainer hopes to inspire people become mentors in the Chicago metro area.

In our opinion, this is a spiritual issue and the problem of troubled youth in the black community will not cease unless the older generations repent, fully surrender to God, admit they have been wrong and take full responsibility for not doing the job as responsible parents and mentors for many years. Then once that happens, they can teach the youth how to fully surrender to God and be responsible and upright citizens.

Steve Harvey Teams With Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks to Find Mentors for Young Black Men

Steve Harvey believes young men from fatherless homes need more mentors and is taking to the New Beginnings Church of Chicago to find some.

Harvey, the 56-year-old comedian, host and best-selling author, is leading The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation in hosting a Steve Harvey Mentoring Campaign event at the church Nov 14. Harvey will be...Read full article, here. 

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