Thursday, November 21, 2013

Florida Pastor says 'Armor Bearer Is Not a Biblical Church Office,' in Viral Post; SCR take on Deitrick Haddon's vs. Bishop McClendon

Do you recall the episode on 'Preachers of LA' when Deitrick Haddon allegedly corrected Bishop Clarence McClendon?  Haddon pointed out that armour bearers (McClendon's entourage) are not needed in ministry and he was right.  Now, just read about this prominent Florida pastor, H.B. Charles Jr. who points out armor bearer is not biblical. 

According to, some Biblical passages referenced in laying out the role of an armor bearer, usually the person tasked with carrying weapons for a commander, include Judges 9:54, 1 Samuel 16:12, 2 Samuel 18:15, among other verses. But these Old Testament passages, says Charles, have no bearing on New Testament church administration.  

We are so very glad Pastor Charles pointed this out, because too many pastors think they need armor bearers and if it's not biblical, they should get rid of them.  It's time they learn to let God and His angels be their armor bearer.  

  'Armor Bearer Is Not a Biblical Church Office,' Says Fla. Pastor in Viral Post

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

A Florida pastor has sparked an online debate about a church role – armor bearer – often tied to the Bible but yet is not described in the New Testament as an actual church position or office. His post, having attracted nearly 8,000 Facebook "likes," challenges the concept of such a position that is usually tailored to assist pastors and that can involve tasks like serving as a personal bodyguard or carrying a preacher's Bible.

"I read Terry Nance's book, God's Armor Bearers, when it was first published some years ago [1990]. I found it interesting. Then I forgot it. I never expected it would get so...Read full article, here.

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