Friday, November 1, 2013

Florida volunteer youth minister charged with child molestation

William Richardson who was a youth minister has been charged with child molestation.  Let us tell you saints of God, we are so tired of giving you these reports.   This is why we tell you repeatedly, it is time for you to run revivals all across America.  We just don't have to deal with sinners and their issues, but within the church, there is too much sin not just in the pews, but also coming from the pulpits. 

 According to, during an investigation, they learned that Richardson, 47, sexually molested a girl while she was between the ages of 9-10 years old.  At 11 years old, Richardson on at least one occasion sexually battered her.  Detectives said it may have happened several times over three years.   

We sincerely hope Richardson not only seeks spiritual and psychological help behind bars, but that he also repents and get it right with God before it's everlasting too late.

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Mango volunteer youth minister charged with sex crime against child

By: WFTS Staff

SEFFNER - William Richardson, volunteer youth minister and choir director for the First Baptist Church of Mango, was arrested and accused of sexually battering a 9-year-old girl during Sunday school at the church.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said the victim told a...Read full article, here.

Soure, photo and video:

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