Monday, November 18, 2013

Minister Brandon Bennings of Greater Traveler's Rest in Atlanta Passes Away at only 25 years old

This young man of God has passed away.  Brandon Bennings preached the Word of God in his 20's, leading souls to Christ.   Interim, attending Morehouse College, he learned he had brain cancer, but he never gave up hope. 

According to, almost a year later, with his health deteriorating, Bennings took the stage at his church, The House of Hope Atlanta (Greater Travelers Rest) pastored by Dr. E. Dewey Smith in Decatur, Ga., and talked about what he wanted his legacy to be, and brought the congregation to their feet and left them in tears with his testimony.  

Although, Minister Brandon Bennings has passed away, God has his soul.  May he rest in peace.

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25-Year-Old Preacher, Brandon Bennings, Dies Full of Hope After Battling Brain Cancer

Georgia preacher Brandon Bennings was only 23 years old in 2011 when he discovered he had a deadly form of brain cancer. And with support from his friends, family and church, he refused to give up hope that God could heal him. Last Monday, he died still clinging to it. 

"My name is Brandon Bennings and I have a story to share," he began in a chronicle of his fight at...Read full article, here.

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