Saturday, November 23, 2013

'No Makeup November' Launched by Young Women's Ministry; Just Beautiful, Back to Pure Holiness


There is a movement that has just started and it's called, 'No Makeup November.'  Rave ministries, which is a women's ministry started and we think it wonderful, because God wants holy women to reveal who He naturally created, already very beautiful without makeup.  You see, the trend of church women wearing make-up began in the late 1970's when they began to believe they needed to enhance their beauty, then everything else changed for the worse.  
Back in the late 70's and early 1980's, skirts began inching up the thighs and shirts began revealing too much bosom, many women began acting butch and looking like it and worldly music began wiping away sacred music.  One thing after another began to bring in the false opinion that to be holy is tradition.  So, God is using this young women's ministry, Rave. 

According to, girls as young as high school-aged students to middle-aged women are taking the vow to live life temporarily makeup free. Apparently, the challenge for some young women has been that while participating in No Makeup November they have had to shift focus on their personality when engaging with others.  

In the meantime, we encourage all of you women who claim to be holy to start looking like it, you really don't have to look like the world to win the world. You can make a wise decision to dress how you are on the inside, so people can see the light of Jesus Christ.  This whole false notion that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside has wiped away the purity of Godly women and we need to go back to being how God wants us to be and ignore the carnal preachers who preach otherwise.  Join this new movement, 'No Makeup November' and do not accept it as a trend, but the originality of holy women, how we should remain as sisters in Christ.

'No Makeup November' Launched by Young Women's Ministry Gains Momentum

By Jessica Martinez, CP Reporter

A group of young Christian women have decided to take on "No Makeup November," a nationwide campaign dubbed as a call to arms in order to embrace their natural beauty by abstaining from wearing makeup for the entire month.

Rave Ministries is behind the initiative for its second year and has about 4,000 participants in 37 states and seven countries. The idea came about when Becca Daniel, leader of...Read full article, here.

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