Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pastor Rick Warren Shares 5 Things Needed for Revival to Happen in America

Thank God, Rick Warren is mentioning the subject of revival across America.  Pastor Warren is speaking of renewal among corporate and the church congregation.   However, it may take a great national crisis in order for that to occur and we don't mean natural disasters, because plenty of those have happened and people don't change.  We mean a crisis that will effect millions of families and business owners to suffer, so bad, they will drop to their knees on beg for God's mercy.

The main reason why we say it will take a national crisis, is simply because the corporate church has pulled the world into the church and it has not helped save lost souls.

According to, Warren stated, "once there is personal renewal, then there is corporate renewal, a renewal within the church's congregation." 

We get Pastor Rick Warren's point, but too many pastors of mega ministries are focused on money and not on God.  So, it will take other pastors like himself to unite and insists on revivals occurring without the stubborn ones.

Rick Warren Shares 5 Things Needed for Revival to Happen in America

By Alex Murashko , Christian Post Reporter

Pastor Rick Warren, whose best-selling books include The Purpose Driven Church, recently talked about what he called the "five renewals" necessary for a resurgence of faith to occur in the United States.

"If we are going to have a resurgence in our nation, a revival, a reformation, a renewal, a re-configuration of the church, when you study church history it always starts through certain stages and...Read full article, here.

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