Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pastor Teddy Parker Jr. Talked a Young Man Out of Committing Suicide 2 ½ Months Before He Did


Okay, this story gets more disturbing as we continue to learn more about Pastor Teddy Parker, Jr.  Allegedly, the deacon and chairman of his church, Shawn Stafford stated the late minister talked a young man out of committing suicide, just two and a half months ago.  Let us encourage the rest of you ministers, do not try to help anyone else unless you seek help first.  This is not an old cliche, but it's the absolute truth, what have you got to preach about, if you are not fully delivered yourself?  

Now, we are not judging, but the more evidence that comes out about the late Pastor Teddy Parker seems very strange.  Furthermore, the fact that he was suffering from manic depression proves, he had spiritual issues that were controlled by some strong demons.  However, each and every pastor must be under leadership that can pray away these demons before they can lead a flock.   God is stronger than any demon and it's very sad that this late pastor could stop a young man from committing suicide, but couldn't save himself.    

We must be honest, the Bible often speaks against fear and many times fear or any abnormal emotion offends God.  So, we must fast and pray within the body of Christ and this means pastors making a wise decision to refrain from sophisticated conferences and turn back to revivals, so the Holy Spirit can began protecting their peers from demonic powers that could control them to take their own lives or someone else.  
We need to return to preachers praying through for complete deliverance.  It's not old fashion or tradition, it's allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse each and every man and woman of God from anything that is under the dominion of Satanic powers, that's anything that's not like God. 

Pastor Teddy Parker Jr. Talked a Young Man Out of Committing Suicide 2 ½ Months Before He Did

It didn't matter what his critics had said about him not going to heaven. As far as hundreds of mourners who turned up for the funeral of Pastor Teddy Parker Jr., 41, who killed himself last Sunday, he had gone home to be with the Lord and that's that.

His family revealed that the late pastor of Bibb Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Macon, Ga., loved the music of gospel singer John P. Kee, and with a not so subtle oomph of...Read full article, here.

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