Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pastor Teddy Parker Killed Self Battled Manic Depression


Evidently, this young pastor was dealing with some deep emotional issues. It's so sad, Pastor Teddy Parker was hurting so bad, he's left his wife and two daughters to live life without him.  In the news, we allegedly learned that Pastor Parker had been in the ministry since 22 years old, but we wonder if there was something else he could have done in his life.   

You know, some people take on being a pastor, because they want to make their parents and grandparents proud.  However, they know deep down inside, they are not fit nor called to be in that position.   Therefore, there is a possibility, Pastor Parker was depressed because he was pleasing other people and not doing what he really wanted to do. 

According to, Parker's longtime friend, Dr. E. Dewey Smith Jr., (senior pastor at Greater Travelers Rest) in Decatur, Ga. said, "He was suffering with manic depression and he had some emotional issues that he had been dealing with. [He was] in treatment, but he just couldn't step away from ministry."  

May Pastor Teddy Parker rest in peace and we are praying for his family.

Pastor Who Killed Self Battled Manic Depression, Struggled to Keep It Secret; Was Taking Medication, Had 'Physical Challenges'

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

His family knew and were trying to help, but everyone else was in the dark about Pastor Teddy Parker's mental health struggles until he shot himself in his truck in the driveway of his home in Warner Robins, Ga., on Sunday.

"Everybody is just kind of stunned right now. I think a lot of people are just trying to understand why that happened. We're just praying to the Lord for guidance on this," Russell Rowland, one of...Read full article, here.

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