Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pastor Teddy Parker's Manic Depression Was a Mental Disease That is Very Real, allegedly Controlled by Demons

The late Pastor Teddy Parker's depression was something that was and still is very real.   If you have not dealt with someone who has been suicidal, you should not take it lightly when you hear of them speaking about doing it.  The average person thinks one is putting on and trying to get attention, but dear friend, what you may not realize, is that the state of depression is driven by actual demons from the pit of hell and if a person is not strong enough to live on while trusting God to combat them, then suicide is spoken to the mind by Satan.

Pastor Teddy Parker's death is not something to forget about.  We can't brush it off and go on with life like this is just another tragedy.  No, we must deal with this issue and pray for Jesus Christ to defeat this condition.   We want you to realize one of the main reasons why he was trying to reach out to a young man who was suicidal is because he possibly was trying to conquer it for a very longtime, himself.   Therefore, God wants a group of ministers who seek Him in fasting and prayer and to be there for those in ministry who are called, but yet dealing with this mental disease.  Medication only does so much, it's not strong enough to combat demonic attacks on the mind.  Therefore, please recognize Pastor Teddy Parker, Jr. loved God, but he was dealing with something that actually tries to control the mind around the clock at times, an actual demonic voice that insist on suicide to end a manic depressive state that is very miserable for one to deal with.

What is the answer?  It's time for all clergy members to get serious with God and stop the carnality, because while many of you are hip hopping in your churches, your colleagues are hurting.  Therefore, your church services to please the youth won't help ministers like Pastor Parker who are emotionally hurting.   Entertainment to make more money, along with the prosperity gospel is taking time away from deliverance among those in ministry who need to be set free from manic depression.   We shouldn't be surprised of Pastor Parker's sudden death with all of the foolishness that has been allowed in the (black) church.  There's seems to have been more pampering the youth, in order to make more money, rather than stressing complete deliverance from demonic powers.  Believe us, the more today's church continues with more entertainment, more tragedies like this one and Pastor Ron Harris (who was recently shot dead) will occur.

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