Saturday, November 30, 2013

Paul Crouch, Founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network Passed Away at 79

As many of you already know, the founder of TBN, Paul Crouch had been sick for a longtime.  Now, he has passed away to his reward.  Paul and Jan Crouch began the Christian Television Network to win millions of souls to Christ.  For many years, famous pastors and televangelists would help raise money in order for TBN to remain on the air.  He, along with his with persevered until he died. 

According to, the controversial pioneer of televangelism, whose broadcast empire was called "one of evangelicalism's most successful and far-reaching media enterprises" by the Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism, died Saturday, said his grandson, Brandon Crouch. He was 79.  

Paul Crouch was 79 years old, may he rest in peace and we are praying for the Crouch family.

Paul Crouch, Founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network, Dies at 79

by Los Angeles Times

Paul Crouch, a pioneering televangelist who founded Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest Christian TV network, died today, according to the network’s website. He was 79.

The son of a Missouri missionary, Crouch moved to California in the early 1960s to manage the movie...Read full article, here.

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