Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pastor Ben Tankard and Family Showcase Their Love of Wealth instead of God, allegedly

For a first family, the Tankard's girls seem to be showing too much flesh, so we cut the photo just a bit, although you can still see one of their daughter thighs.  However, maybe the problem of them not properly representing God's kingdom is that Pastor Tankard and his family maybe focus on wealth more than God. 

According to blackchristiannews.com, Tankard is a true rags to riches story and isn't afraid to tell it. Having experienced poverty at a young age and also homelessness when an injury threatened his promising NBA career, Tankard seems determined never to taste the bitter gall of poverty. As he says, "I've been poor, now I'm rich. Trust me, rich is better."   

If poverty was so bad in Ben Tankard's life, we wonder does he and his wife plan to build homeless shelter, also to feed and clothe the poor?  Possibly, they won't be able to do it until the seek God, focus on Him and represent complete righteousness, inside and out.

Preacher Ben Tankard and Family Showcase Their Love of Wealth Instead of Their Love for God In New Reality Show on Bravo

"Don't be culturally competitive while remaining spiritually bankrupt."

This is a quote that popped up in my Twitter feed as I watched the series premiere of "Thicker than Water" a reality show that documents the prosperous yet problem-filled lives of the Tankards. The quote was attributed to Rev. William Curtis, pastor of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: blackchristiannews.com

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