Monday, November 11, 2013

South Carolina Prison Program Uses Horses to Help Reform Inmates


A program for prisoners in South Carolina reaches out to inmates to help reform their lives.  How are they doing it?  They are using horses to help them conquer their past and move forward in life.   We pray for similar programs across America that will give prison inmates a positive outlook on life. 

According to, twice each year a dozen or so inmates from the 1,000-man prison enter the six-month groom certification program Second Chances. With the help of books, videos, and volunteer specialists, participants learn to feed, exercise, and provide basic training for 33 horses. They learn about tack, grooming, and veterinary and dental care. They muck stalls. After passing three levels, participants graduate from the program and earn a Groom Elite card, which makes them marketable nationwide upon release from the prison. Seven other prisons have similar Second Chances programs.  

It does not matter what prison inmates have done wrong in their past, God loves them and wants them to look up and live.

South Carolina Prison Program Uses Horses to Help Inmates Overcome Their Pasts and Prepare for the Future

Tyrone looks older than his 44 years as he strokes the muzzle of a sorrel thoroughbred towering above him in a stall at South Carolina's Wateree River Correctional Institution. "Blame" responds by nudging against his chest. Inmates like...Read full article, here.


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