Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stockton woman husband and son arrested for abducting her for exorcism

Blanca Farias was allegedly kidnapped by her own husband, Jose and son, Victor possibly because she was filing for a divorce and leaving him for another man.  Even worse, a minister who conducted the exorcism forced oil down her throat while telling her she had the Devil in her. 

One thing's for sure, God never called anyone to kidnap and force oil down anyone's throat and getting a minister to tell someone their demon possessed is not the way to win them back.  

According to, Blanca Farias  immediately knew something wasn't right. She said she tried getting out, but they held her down in the back seat while a pastor she knew, drove. 

Why couldn't her husband except the fact she was moving on with her life?  Some women won't even be honest enough to admit the truth.

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Stockton woman claims husband, son abducted her to perform exorcism

STOCKTON, CA - Two men are in San Joaquin County Jail, accused of kidnapping, false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit a crime.

The story of the allegations is outrageous - and not in a funny way.

Early Saturday morning, Jose Magana-Farias, 42, and his son, Victor Farias, 20, convinced Blanca Farias to...Read full article, here.

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