Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tennessee Pastor Pleads Not Guilty to Handling Venomous Snakes

This is an update, regarding the young minister who was charged for illegally having several reptiles in his church.  Pastor Andrew Hamblin has pleaded not guilty.  So, we have yet to see what will happened after his trial. 

Now, as we've told you before, there have been ministers in previous times who have shown before their congregations they are not afraid of snakes. One pastor not too long ago died from a snake bite, after showing off before his flock for many years.   Therefore we plead with you to start praising God and put down the serpents. Tennessee Pastor Pleads Not Guilty to Handling Venomous Snakes
A serpent-handling pastor pleaded 'not guilty' Friday to charges he's facing for having dozens of venomous reptiles inside his church.

In a standing room only courtroom, Pastor Andrew Hamblin of LaFollette's Tabernacle Church of God took the stand to...Read full article, here.

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