Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tulsa pastor arrested after teens were shot

It's very sad this Tulsa pastor, Richard Ward has allegedly been arrested for shooting a couple of teens, allegedly one is his grandson.  It's very sad he discovered his own grandson had been allegedly stealing from him.  It's terrible whenever a pastor possesses a gun or any other sort of weapon.  There must have been some other sort of way he could have handled the situation.

According to, Friday morning police found the grandfather in his late 60s had two victim of his own. His grandson and grandson’s friend who policy say he shot in the foot and ankle.

In the meantime, we will keep this pastor in our prayers.

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Tulsa pastor arrest after teens were shot 
Reported by: Janai Norman

Tulsa police arrested one man after two teens were shot in west Tulsa.

Richard Ward was arrested on two complaints of assault with a dangerous weapon. One of the teens is...Read full article, here.

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