Saturday, December 28, 2013

A&E Reverses Decision on the Suspension of Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty Continues

Saints of God, this indeed proves that if we as Christians unite and not backed down, we can win this war against gay marriage in our country.  It does not matter if our president agrees with it, we have a voice and we have the right not to agree with sin against God's Word.   Let's put race aside, because each and every time a white person may word something wrong, it's a trick of the enemy for us to stand with homosexuals.

According to , the interview sparked protests from human-rights groups, and led to A&E's quick decision to suspend Robertson from future episodes. But that action also triggered a backlash from some Dynasty fans, who tried to organize a boycott of the network -- and Robertson's own family, which suggested it would not be willing to keep filming the series without him.  

God bless Phil Robertson and thank God this is not just a victory for his show, but for the entire body of Christ.  This is our country and we have the right to speak what God says and He says homosexuality is a sin.

A&E Reverses Decision on the Suspension of Phil Robertson; Patriarch Will Continue In TV Show "Duck Dynasty"

This is a huge victory for Christians and all God-fearing people in America against the satanic onslaught of the homosexual agenda in this country. We must never forget it. 
Please note that if prominent pastors and preachers in our country do not open their mouths and speak out against the abomination of homosexuality...Read full article, here.
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