Sunday, December 22, 2013

Celebrity News: Hip-Hop Leader of BK Nation Begins Petition to Boycott R. Kelly

God always has someone to stand up for what's right.  In case you didn't know, R. Kelly has allegedly just admitted he likes young girls.   We suppose he expected to be invincible like a few others in the secular music business, but no, Kevin Powell of BK Nation is publicly speaking out against R. Kelly and plans a petition against him.  

According to, Powell and his BK Nation grassroots movement is calling for radio stations, video channels, music publications, websites, members of the entertainment industry, and consumers to boycott R. Kelly's music. The organization created a petition asking signers to agree not to buy Kelly's music until the singer apologizes for his reported behavior, undergoes counseling, and condemns sexual violence.  

Thank God for Kevin Powell's petition.  However, shouldn't R. Kelly go back to court to stand trial?

Hip-Hop Leader of BK Nation Starts Major Petition to Boycott R. Kelly for Being a Pedophile and Abusing Black Girls; Major Article Exposes Kelly's Sexual Abuse Allegations -- Shows There is More to the Singer's Troubled Past than Previously Rumored

R&B singer R. Kelly has been facing criticism over claims he was involved in sexual acts with underaged girls for over a decade. Despite that cloud of accusation hanging over him, the 46-year-old performer has managed to release numerous albums to varying success. Political activist, author, and president of...Read full article, here.

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