Saturday, December 14, 2013

Celebrity News: Allegedly, R. Kelly Blasphemes the Name of Jesus and the Holy Ghost in Lyrics

Now if R. Kelly really blasphemed the Holy Ghost and the name Jesus, you know what the scripture says, it is an unforgiven sin by God.  A Veteran of the NBA, Etan Thomas points out why he thinks R. Kelly has disrespected our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.   It seems like after he never got charged for allegedly molesting a teenage girl, he has been turned over to a reprobate mind.  

What's even already worse, R. Kelly allegedly chose an image of a young girl on the front cover of his album.  You see?  It seems as though he is showing what he got away with.     

You have to read this following article, it's very interesting and reveals why certain people in the music industry may have allegedly sold their souls to Satan.  Here's why, many of them seem to do some of the nastiest things without a conscious and do not have any respect for God nor His Son, Jesus Christ.

Good Looking Out: The Root and NBA Veteran Etan Thomas Stand Against R. Kelly's New Album Cover

by Etan Thomas

By now you've seen the cover photo for R. Kelly's latest, dubiously titled album, Black Panties.
Unfortunately, I've seen it, too, and as a father of two daughters, I find it extremely difficult to look at that image, knowing his history: accounts from people like his former manager, Barry Hankerson, about Kelly's proclivity for underage girls; Kelly's annulled marriage to then-underage Aaliyah; and the infamous video...Read full article, here.

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