Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Centerville pastor charged with child molestation

This pastor of  Solid Rock Community Church has been arrested and charged with child molestation.  Wiley Leverett  who is also a used car sales man allegedly molested children from ages 8 to 16.  It seems like these stories just won't stop, too many of these preachers are attracted to children.  These nasty preachers better get it together, Jesus is about to come.    

According to, Leverett's Facebook page describes him as the owner of Leverett's Auto Sales and the pastor of Solid Rock Community Church.   

In the meantime we sincerely hope Wiley Leverett repents before it's everlasting too late and we are praying for these children.

Centerville pastor charged with molestation

The pastor of a Centerville church is in the Houston County jail, facing several child-molestation charges.

According to the Houston County sheriff's website, Wiley Leverett was arrested Monday. He is charged with three counts of child molestation...Read full article, here.

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