Monday, December 9, 2013

China is Still arresting Christians for their Faith

Many of you Christians who still say it's a blessing to be in America, land of the free, need to take heed to this post.  We are not too far from being like China, because we are constantly persecuted for believing in Jesus Christ and following His commandments. Pastor Zhang Shaojie was tied up, right in his church and taken away by authorities.  It's been three weeks and no one knows where he is. 

According to , the pastor's arrest sparked an immediate outcry from family and church members, who proceeded to gather in front of the local police station in protest. According to ChinaAid, a religious rights group based in Texas, authorities reportedly threatened the group of protestors, striking some members and "causing Pastor Zhang's [elderly] parents [to be hospitalized] for high blood pressure." Two of the pastor's sisters, present at the protest, were also taken into custody. 

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Zhang Shaojie and other Christians in China in our prayers.

Why Is China Still Arresting Christians by the Dozens?

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