Saturday, December 21, 2013

Church Deacon, 74 years old Shot Dead in Chicago

We say to all of our brothers in sisters in Christ who reside in Chicago or any other dangerous city, it's time to take over.  It's very sad that this elderly deacon died before his time, but Chicago has a crime.  Therefore, Christians should unite to govern the city, so that this want happen to anyone else within the body of Christ. 

According to, St. Phillip Neri pastor Thomas Belanger, who leads the church where Herron was a deacon, said that the elderly man was an active presence in his community and often mentored young men in the area. 

 May Willie Cooper rest in peace.

Church Deacon Shot Dead in Chicago; Had 'Christ in the Center of His Life'

By Morgan Lee , Christian Post Reporter

A 74-year-old church deacon has been gunned down outside a Chicago, Ill. house in the early morning Dec. 19.

Willie Cooper was picking up his best friend and co-worker Steve Herron at 4:45 a.m., when gunmen opened fire on...Read full article, here.



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