Friday, December 27, 2013

Church Members Knew About Memphis COGIC Pastor Molesting Teen Relative, Just Prayed for Him!!


Yes, you read the title right, church members of Hour of Restoration COGIC just prayed for Michael Bryant as though that was justice.   Let us assure you, there are many people in the (black) church who constantly remind people to forget about the past and just pray for people who continue to hurt you as though that's what God's want, but they're very ignorant. 

Of course, God wants us to forgive and forget, but not when we are yet being physically, emotionally, verbally and sexually abused.  The (black) church still believes and teaches that scripture about the past (Philippians 3:13), because they refuse to deal with nasty alleged perverts like Bryant.  This is an ancient trick used against victims, so that the black church will not be embarrassed and make preachers accept responsibility for mistreating their innocent victims, whether they be children or adults.  Many grown women are raped and molested by preachers in the pulpit and some of these preachers are their brothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles and cousins.  No one wants to talk about that, but we should do so, because there are many more hypocrites like Michael Bryant and it's time to stop saying, 'let's just pray for him (or her)', while not being concerned about the victims.   It's time for the (black) church to stop hiding their embarrassment and admit too many cruel preachers like Bryant have been wrong and that's why you can't many sinners within the (black community) to attend church now.  Too much dirt has been swept under the rug. 

According to, Bryant would expose himself and fondle the victim and he did it for the last two years while being the pastor of Hour of Restoration COGIC in Hickory Hill. 

In the meantime, we are praying for this young teen and shame on the church members and mother for not going to the cops sooner.  It's pure ignorance and very nasty to just say pray for someone who you know has fondled this young teen.

Memphis COGIC Pastor Arrested on Sexual Abuse of 16-Yr-Old Family Member, Church Members Knew About It and Prayed For Him!

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