Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ed Stetzer says Just Because Your Church Looks Diverse Doesn't Mean it is Diverse

Now, this is the first time, we have heard of Ed Stetzer, but he's sure is telling the truth about diversity in many of today's multi-cultural churches.   Let us be honest with you, if we are not diverse in spirit by now, then we must leave it in God's hands.  For this reason, there are many people of all races who are hypocritical when they are around other races.

According to, Ed Stetzer says: 'my church today would not fit the standard definition of multicultural. It's not because that's not the desire for us to be so. But more, it is impacted by the location where we meet (Hendersonville is 93% Anglo). However, having just recently opened a campus in Gallatin, which is substantially more diverse than Hendersonville, we are excited about the opportunity to seek to become a more multicultural church.'

It's time out for begging people to be diverse, if that is not how many people really feel in spirit.  It's time for all races to seek God and fully commit to Him, then allow God to work with them.

Ed Stetzer says Just Because Your Church Looks Diverse Doesn't Mean it is Diverse

by Ed Stetzer
I recently returned from Mosaix' 2nd National Multi-ethnic Church Conference in Long Beach, California I was struck by a few things about the conference that I thought were worth sharing.

Probably the main "news" (as in the newspaper kind of news) out of that conference was...Read full article, here.

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