Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fred Luter Supports Phil Robertson's Biblical View on Homosexuality, but not on race

Of course, we could complain for the umpteenth time that another white person is being racist, but really, let's face it, there are too many African Americans who are not loving and respecting each other and most of all, God.  Many African Americans have joined the gay marriage revolution.  Therefore, the outrage, regarding Phil Robertson's racial remarks must be left in the hands of God.    

Rev. Fred Luter has voiced his opinion about his views on race, but we really feel it's a waste of time.  For we are in a spiritual warfare folks and we don't have time to keep complaining about racial issues while some African Americans are condoning sin, in our opinion.  Furthermore, too many of them are afraid to preach against sin and speak out against it in the media, so they would rather join homosexuals. 

According to, the Southern Baptists' first black president, the Rev. Fred Luter of New Orleans, has a different recollection. He says back then in Louisiana there was nothing happy about segregation or "being hung in a tree because of your race." He adds that blacks were definitely complaining, if not to Robertson.  

In the meantime, we will keep Phil Robertson in our prayers.

Southern Baptist Convention President Fred Luter Supports Phil Robertson's Biblical View on Homosexuality, but Disagrees on Race

The first black president of the Southern Baptist Convention supports Phil Robertson's biblical views on homosexuality but disputes the "Duck Dynasty" patriarch's memory of race relations before the Civil Rights movement.

In a GQ magazine interview, Robertson said that in his Louisiana youth he picked cotton with African-Americans...Read full article, here.


Source and Photo: Black Christian News


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