Monday, December 2, 2013

Greg Laurie Prediction for America forewarns lost government, possibly

Yes, we can see what Pastor Greg Laurie possibly foresees in the future, America could be taken over by another nation.  You may ask how this could be?  If so, your question amazes us.  Don't you see all the rebellion in our country?  Rebellion against God brings has brought on many demonic kings through biblical history.  Do you recall King Pharaoh?   

According to, Pastor Laurie states in his article: There was a time when, if someone was doing something immoral, we might say, "That is bad." If someone was living with a girl or a guy, it was said, "That is bad." If you were married, that was good. Nowadays, of course, that has been turned upside down. If you think marriage is between a man and a woman, then that is bad ... not right, narrow. Everything has been turned around.  

America has been forewarned time and time again to turn back to God.  Therefore, Greg Laurie's prediction is very accurate, you should not be surprised.

Greg Laurie Predicts that if America Does Not Turn Back to God, Country Could be Taken Over by Another Nation Just Like the Israelites

by Greg Laurie

I think that our culture in the United States seems to be turned upside down. It seems that, in the perception of many, what was once considered good is now perceived as bad. What was once perceived as bad is now thought of as good.

We even see this reflected in our use of words. A long time ago, people used expressions like "holy smoke" or...Read full article, here.



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