Monday, December 9, 2013

NY Satanists Seeks Monument Next to Ten Commandments Display in Oklahoma

Allegedly, a Satanist group in New York want a statue next to the display of the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma.  We thought we would cut the horns off of the above photo, the news made us so mad.   However, saints of God, let us begin praying and making sure our christian politicians block this group from trying to compete with God. 

According to, Greaves also told officials that the reason he should be able to build a monument to Satan in Oklahoma City is because of the Ten Commandments display, privately funded by State Rep. Mike Ritze, being allowed.  

In the meantime, let us not just pray, but do whatever we can to block satanists from taking over this country.  Furthermore, Satan has an agenda for his followers, but we as followers of Christ also have an agenda to make God's land to only glorify Him.  So, if we have to take over by governing this country ourselves, let's do it.

New York Satanist Group Seeks Monument Next to Ten Commandments Display in OKC

By Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter
A Satanic religious group has expressed an interest in erecting a monument next to a Ten Commandments display in Oklahoma City, Okla.

The New York-based Satanic Temple recently declared an interest in doing this, with spokesman Lucien Greaves writing a letter to...Read full article, here.

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