Monday, December 30, 2013

On 'Preachers of LA' Bishop Noel Jones allegedly says He May Stay with Same Woman after 16 Years

After visiting his physician, Bishop Noel Jones allegedly learned he needs to settle down.  On the Season Finale of 'Preachers of LA', you will hear him ask Loretta for another chance.  Now, if you recall, he allegedly told her to deny they were together when she went to the tea party for first ladies.  We were allegedly fooled into believing they were just friends, but of course, we always knew it was not so.   

We can't say we blame her for telling him she will think about it.   After 16 long years, she should have been the first lady of his congregation.  Don't you think so?

Furthermore, Bishop Jones had the audacity to allegedly question the fire that broke out at Dominique's bridal shower as God's punishment, because of the sex toys, but maybe he should examine where his own life.

It's time for preachers to stop having girlfriends and boyfriends and show an example of holiness.   Just think about it, for 16 years, Bishop Noel Jones has been preaching the gospel and may have had quite a few women besides Loretta and that's not holy.

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