Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pastor Zachery Tims Died From Cocaine-Heroin Mixture, allegedly

Well, here is the news we've been long waiting for.   According to the NYC Medical Examiner's office, Pastor Zachery Tims died from a mixture of Cocaine and Heroine.   Obviously, Tims' mother, could not hide the family's secret for long, if that's what she was trying to do.  

According to, the autopsy report released Thursday revealing the cause and manner of Tims' death comes after a lengthy fight by his mother, Madeline Tims, to keep those details secret, and amid speculation that drugs had been involved in Tims' death all along. Tims' mother had said in court documents that revealing how her son died would prove embarrassing to his family.  

This is very sad, we wonder how many more pastors are on drugs and could die the same way?

Pastor Zachery Tims Died From Cocaine-Heroin Mixture, Says NYC Medical Examiner's Office

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

Zachery Tims, the Florida megachurch pastor found dead in a New York City hotel room over two years ago, died accidentally from "acute intoxication by...Read full article, here.

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