Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rev. Jesse Jackson Allegedly angry with 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson

We are not going to linger on with the same old issue.  However, if you read our previous article about Fred Luter being upset over Phil Robertson's remarks, then you will know how we feel about Jesse Jackson.  At least Luter agrees with Robertson about homosexuality, but the sad thing about Rev. Jackson, he supports it, allegedly.  Therefore, it really doesn't matter what he feels about Robertson's remarks, because God is against sin.

According to , Rev. Jackson demands a meeting with  A&E and Cracker Barrel.  When he stands before God, He will be judged if he stood against sin or allowed the Devil to use race to oppose God's Word, which is very scary.  We would hate to be in judgement for joining a group of people who are in rebellion against God's desire for humanity and that's one man and one woman in matrimony. 

Jesse Jackson Says 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson Is Worse Than Rosa Parks' Bus Driver; Demands Meeting With A&E and Cracker Barrel

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. has joined LGBT group GLAAD in blasting "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson over his controversial comments about homosexuality, race relations and morality.

Jackson entered the fray via a statement he released Tuesday in which he said Robertson's comments are worse than those made by...Read full article, here.

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