Sunday, December 8, 2013

US Teacher Killed in Libya Allegedly Killed by Islamists Militia

This humble man of God was killed by Islamists, allegedly while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Libya.  Although Ronnie Smith lost his life, he certainly didn't lose his soul and he is in a much better place. 

According to, Smith, who served as a deacon in his church and was teaching chemistry at the International School in Benghazi, was killed by gunmen riding in a black jeep while he was out jogging on Thursday morning. The gunmen are suspected to be Islamist militants. 

We are praying for his wife and child, may Ronnie Smith rest in peace.

US Teacher Killed in Libya Depended on Jesus Alone

By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor

American teacher Ronnie Smith, who was shot and killed in Benghazi on Thursday, depended on his faith in Jesus Christ alone while working in Libya, and had decided to move to that restive nation after listening to a message by preacher John Piper, according to reports.

"I want to go where no one could find a church if they wanted to, where no one has access to this gospel," Smith, a Texas native, said in a video before moving to Libya. The video was posted on the website of his home church...Read full article, here.

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